About Us

No Job Is Too Big

Heart Truss & Engineering is a family-owned business that opened their doors in January of 1963. In the late 1950's pre-fabricated roof trusses first appeared as an alternative to conventional framing. With backgrounds in the lumber business, Jerry Schaberg and Don Butcher felt there was an opportunity to be at the forefront of this new industry. Lansing was not only deemed to be the best location but was also the inspiration for the name as it is in the "HEART" of the state.

Realizing the importance of computer-aided design for the future of the industry, Heart Truss developed Shelter Engineering in the late 1970's. This design and cutting software was utilized to increase productivity and provide more  independence until it was sold in 1988 to Hydro-Air. The innovations and desire for increased productivity did not stop there. Diamond Machinery was created to design and produce truss-fabrication machinery. Eventually, the rights to this were sold to Mitek Industries. When it was determined there was a better way to get things done, Heart's approach was to create it themselves rather than wait for others to provide what was needed.

Curt Schaberg (1979) and Joe Butcher (1985) joined Heart Truss & Engineering and eventually took over full ownership from their fathers in 2000. Weathering the great housing depression of 2006 through 2010 was a total team effort and initiated changes instrumental in a quick recovery and increased market share.

From the beginning the biggest asset Heart Truss has had are its employees. Their dedication, loyalty and hard work are what has made Heart Truss & Engineering the industry leader it is today.

The Founders of Heart Truss
  • 1963 - The Beginning

    Heart Truss & Engineering is founded by Jerry Schaberg & Don Butcher

  • 1978 - CAD Practice Added

    Shelter Engineering developed to harness cutting edge computer-aided design technology

  • 1979 - Curt Schaberg Joins

    Curt joins the team in a full time capacity

  • 1985 - Joe Butcher Joins

    Joe joins the team in a full time capacity

  • 1988 - Shelter Engineering Sold

    Shelter Engineering is sold to Hydro-air

  • 1996 - Cyber Saw

    Installed fully computerized saw manufactured by Mitek and was at that time, the third saw of that type they had built.  The “Cyber” saw allowed for significantly increased cutting capabilities as well as enhanced accuracy.

  • 2000 - Laser Projection System

    Installed laser projection system manufactured by Virtek.  This allowed for much quicker set up times to build the ever increasing difficult truss profiles the market was demanding.  As with the Cyber saw, quality also improved.

  • 2010 - Weathered Housing Crisis

    Heart Truss & Engineering comes out of the housing crisis leaner and stronger